Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree Cultures Littéraires Européennes

C.L.E. Series



Conference Proceedings from October 29th, 2018 directed by Anna Paola Soncini Fratta

Edited by Fulvia Balestrieri, Benedetta De Bonis, Fernando Funari

Texts written by Andrea Battistini, Éric Lysøe, Emanuele Iula, Giacomo Di Federico, Lorenzo Cecchetti, Benedetta De Bonis, Giulia Cantarutti, Peter Schnyder, Amadou Falilou Ndiaye, Augustin Coly, Moussa Sagna, Jean-Paul Hernandez, Federica Botti, Paola Codazzi, Valerio Marchetti, Federico Faloppa, Werner Helmich, Rossella Elisei, Anna Paola Soncini Fratta, Marco Lombardo. 



Raconter L'Europe - Atti di colloquio 12-13-14 october  2016 directed by Anna Paola Soncini Fratta.

Edited by Fernando Funari and Fulvia Balestrieri.

Texts written by Giacomo di Federico, Michele Chiaruzzi, Eddy Anselmi, Jean-Jacques Wunenburger, Frédéric Monneyron, Jacques Sojcher, Gaetano Piccolo, Fernando Funari, Alioune-Badara Diané, Louann Haarman, Moussa Sagna.



I Libri di Emil


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